Wise Men HeaderMagi, or Wisemen.

By Rev. Phil Greetham. © Copyright 1996. This Version, 2012.

1: Lets kill off the myths
If the nativity play is your main source of information I suggest you begin here. 2000 years of baggage including names, numbers, mode of transport etc.
2: What exactly are 'Magi'?
Why did they exist and what was their role in society?
3: Where did the Magi come from?
We know they came from the 'East' but how far East? Three possible countries are considered.
4: Were the Magi astrologers?
or were they astronomers, or neither?
5: Were the Magi Kings?
In popular myth, this term used interchangeably with 'Wise Men'; but were they kings? Where does this idea of 'Kings' come from?
6: Is our Magi account credible?
or is it on par with a fairy story? Can we believe what the Bible is telling us?
7: Which route did they take?
Really only educated guess work - but interesting.
8: Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.
A brief description and graphics of the gifts given to Jesus by the Magi.
9: King Herod the Great.
A biography of the man who played a key role in the nativity account. This also sets the nativity account in the context of history.
10: The Magi Meet King Herod.
How the Wise Men were guided to Bethlehem by Herod.
11: The Journey to Bethlehem.
Some thoughts on the route the Magi took from Jerusalem to Bethlehem.

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